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We started Holiday with energetic African rhythmes. On Sunday at 5 p.m. in Regional Museum in Brzeziny we were having a great time on African picnic. The weather was great, in spite of rain early in the morning. We arrived an hour before official opening to start preparations. We were chopping garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers, cutting meat and peeling peanuts. Everything to cook delicious African dish. In the meantime , in the pot over the fire the aromatic coffee with much spices was prepared. The guests were treated with that coffee as well with African cake with bananas.

Near the tables there were two carving stands. Everyone could try to carve. The masks taken by artists were really attractive and many guests wanted to try them on.

After the coffee some people went to the show of slides by dr Krzysztof Grzelak who was traveling to Ethiopia.

By the other table there were art classes for children during which the African masks were made from paper plates. Children created wonderful and colorful masks which they took with them as a souvenir. Children who finish their masks could ride a horse.

After that numerous guests could try African dish. Some of them were so impressed with that taste that they asked for the recipe.

After the meal there was a time for a little move. Guests learned how to dance with the beates of African music. It was much fun.

African picnic started holiday in cheerful mood and we hope that this positive energy will last with us during the whole summer.


On the 16th and 17th of November 2012 we had the great pleasure to organise I Art Festival "Energy of Africa" in a very hospitable interiors of Poleski Art Centre. The aim of this event was:

1. Spreading the African art and culture

2. Spreading the tolerance to other cultures

3. Supporting Polish- African integration

4. Spreading the knowledge about Africa

5. Support and promotion of children's art creation

6. Creation of favorable conditions to develop different interests by children and teenagers

7. Integration of the disabled children with their peers

8. Fighting with alcoholism, drug addiction and other addiction by organizing events and proposing the creative way of spending the free time

The honourary patronage of the Festival was provided by

- John Abraham Godson

- Joanna Skrzydlewska

On Friday 16th November at 5 p.m. there was a formal opening of the Festival.

It coincided with the opening of the exhibition of four artists who were inspirited by Africa. Three of them are unprofessional artists. Joanna Zybert presented Black Madonnas. She made them with her won technique- embroidery together with textile and African jewellery.

In the same room the other artist Andrzej Zając showed his sculptures and paintings which corresponded with embroided Madonnas very well.

Separate rooms were fulled up by Zbigniew Błoński and his huge collection of African masks made by himself. “Shaman” (that is hic nickname)is very fertile artist who devotes his whole free time to masks.

The most interesting workings were presented by professional artist Piotr Tymochowicz. His drawings made much impression on the visitors.

The second day of the Festival was started in the early afternoon with djembe classes for children. The leader of Folk n’ Roll group Sylwia Walczak found a great strand of understanding with numerously arrived children.

Then there was a turn of the adults among whom there were also the musical talents.

Art classes were really successful among children. Little artists were painting pottery with African patterns as well as they were making their own African masks.

Much excitement was caused by the contest about Africa. The prizes funded by "Parkietus" and "Ceramika Cieplucha" were very attractive. When we were looking at the happiness of children we were sure that our project has a sense and it is worth organizing it annually.

The next position of the Festival was the meeting with the enthusiast of Egypt Zbigniew Błoński. He was talking about his Egyptian adventures and showed the photos from his trip.

Joanna Zybert and Andrzej Zając presented the film form the trip to Ghana "Tastes of Africa". Guests watched the film with much interests and were surprised with the exotic cuisine of Africa tasted by the travelers.

Very attractive was a mini recital of Betty Ibata- singer from Congo. It was a very nice break in our slades shows and talks.

The last position of the Festival was the lecture about African art seen by the Europeans. Festival was finished with drinking African tea.

We would like to thank to Cukiernia Filipiak for delicious sweets which visitors ate with much pleasure during two-day-festival.

We hope that I Art Festival "Energy of Africa" brought much happiness and positive energy into our lives in these grey autumn days and that we will meet next year in even more numerous body.

We would like to thank to the sponsors once again:

The opening of the Exhibition "Lost Paradise"

22 June 2012

On the 22nd of June 2012 we were privileged to take part in the opening of the exhibition tittled “Lost paradise” in "Pasja" Gallery in Chełm Lubelski. At the exhibition of Piotr Tymochowicz and Andrzej Zając there were presented paintings, carvings and masterpieces inspired by the art of Africa. As the co-organizers of this event we are very happy that it attracted so many visitors from Chelm as well as from out of this town. We thank a lot Mrs Jagoda Barczyńska- fine critic that she introduced the visitors into the atmosphere of the exhibition in a really professional speech. The author of the works himself wore the African cap from his journey to Ghana as he wanted to show the atmosphere of Africa. There were also the African dancing. The youngest generation fell the atmosphere and they were dancing like the African dancers during the rituals.

We thank the artistic association "Pasja" for access to the beautiful rooms in their gallery in which our works were really splendid.

We hope that the exhibition will show a little part of African art. Those who could not come at the opening are able to visit the exhibition until the end of August 2012 in "Pasja" Gallery, I Armii WP 19 street, Chelm Lubelski.

tańce afrykańskie w wykonaniu najmłodszych


18 APRIL 2011

On 18th of April 2012 we took part in the conference and youth workshop "To know, to remember- for better world. In service of human." At the same time we were the honoured patron of this conference. We were in a good company together with :

  • Joanna Skrzydlewska – Representative to European Parliament
  • J.E. Asalina Raymond Mamuno - Ambassador of Republic of Nigeria in Poland
  • John Godson – Member of Parliament in Poland, African Institute in Lodz
  • Priest Prelate Ireneusz Kulesza – Rector of Catedral Parish in Lodz, Honoured Director of Caritas in Lodz
  • Jan Kamiński – Educational Officer in Lodz
  • Maria Celina Błaszczyk – Director od Auropean Institute in Lodz
  • Joanna Podolska-Płocka – Director of Centre of Dialogue named Marek Edelman in Lodz
  • Joanna Zybert – Director of West African Art Centre Chi-Wara in Lodz

In programme there were some lectures:

  • Priest Prelate Ireneusz Kulesza nt.: "In order you will not lose your strengh...."
  • John Godson nt.: "To live is to serve"
  • Joanna Podolska - Płocka nt: "Janusz Korczak, Irena Sendlerowa and the Edelmans in service of human"
  • Krzysztof Łobodziński nt: "Humane aid of European Union for the world""

After the lectures the integrate workshops sterted. We were one of the jury. The choice was really difficult as the level of the works was very high. After long disscussion we decided to get the prizes :

  • 1st place: Special Scholastic and Educative Centre nr. 1 in Lodz
  • 2nd place: Gimnasium Nr 1 in Lodz
  • 3rd place: XXIII Secondary School named priest prof. Józef Tischner in Lodz

The conference was the great opportunity to reflection about ethical values and the role of the school in education of children and teenagers in a spirit of respect of human rights.

Children's Day in Zoo

1 JUNE 2011

As Chi-wara Gallery we had the honour to take part in feast orginised by ZOO in Lodz. Fortunately, the weather didn’t frustrate our pans and after short but heavy rain we arranged our table, on which children had the opportunity to pait the plaster cast of animals made by us. The youngest visitors of ZOO showed much enthusiasm and creativity and they decorated even a dozen or so casts. Some of the children left us their work as a souvenir which was really nice. Classes rose interests not inly in children but also in a little older.There were a few adults who came shyly and asked for the cast to decorate. Of course we gave them some. In fact we are all children :-)

Cenference "Let’s talk about Africa. Dynamic perspective for Poland and Polish"

25 JANUARY 2011

On Tuesday, 25th January 2011 at 3 p.m. the conference "Let’s talk about Africa. Dynamic perspective for Poland and Polish", in which we took part, was held. Conference was organised by African Institute and University of Lodz.

Befere the meeting there were possibility of buying the book of the honour guest- Cyprian Kosiński.

Much interest in the book "African polonaise" caused that the conference started a few minutes later. At 3.15 we were invited to the assembly hall. At the beggining the special guests were introduced. Apart from Cyprian Kosiński there were John Abraham Godson (memeber of Polish Parliament) and ambassadros: Andrzej Łupina and Wojciech Jasiński. After that there was a performance of African students.

Then, we could listen to the lectures of special guests and watch the film about Zaire’s tribe Bakuba. Both, lecture and the film of Cyprian Kosiński were really interesting.

The assembly hall was full of people who were not disappointed . the conference was enlightening and paid the attention to perpectives of African- Polish contacts.

Opening of the ehibition "In search of Africa"

15 JANUARY 2011

On Saturday at 5 p.m. in Gallery "Ż" on Żubardzka street the opening of the exhibition tittled „In search of Africa” took place. On the exhibition two artists have presented their works- Andrzej Zajac, who is the founder of Chi-wara Gallery, and Piotr Tymochowicz- Artist from eastern Poland.

The opening of the exhibition was connected with the performance of African students who played the drums, presented their clothes and danced. Andrzej Zając introduced the guests into the warm african climate. He appeared on the scene like a shaman, with the mask on his face and danced with the rhythm of african drums, on which our friend from Cameroon, Patrick, played. During the presentation of the music, clothes and dancing, the guests had the opportunity to watch the pictures from our trip to Ghana.

After this short show the guests were invited to the display room, where the srtists presented their works and talked about future plans.

After official part it was time for the glass of wine and refreshment made by the wife of artist- Jagoda Zajac. Students answered the questions concerning their countries with much pleasure while artists were talking with the guests and Patrick was teaching the others how to dance. The exhibition was a huge success as a famous critic of art, Krzysztof Jurecki, spoke positively about it. He also wrote the introduction to the leaflet about the exhibition (sincere thanks). You can read about this exhibition on his blog.

It is a pity that there were no interests from invited media. We can say it was untipical opening , which thanks to the artistic performance gave much oissitve energy and a little of warm african sun to the guests in these cold winter Polish days.

Much thank to our African friends for their participation in this opening.

We hope to organise next exhibition in Poleski Culture Institute in November 2011, which probably will be connected with the first African Festival in Lodz. Only today we invite all of you for this festival.

Participation in the programme "What's going on in Lodz" in Toya TV

06 JANUARY 2011

On Thursday, 6th January at 5.30 p.m. Toya Tv broadcasted programme "What’s going on in Lodz" in which we had the opportunity to present briefly our Gallery. The hosts of the programme- Ewa Tyszko and Bartosz Lichawski with much interests asked us about our activity, trip to Ghana and plans and dreams. We hope that thanks to such programmes we will promote ourselves and find people to work together within the framework of West African Art Center..

Voivodship Conference and Integration Youth Workshops "Europe-Africa. Millenial development goals"

10 DECEMBER 2010

As the Western African Art Center CHI-WARA we were invited to take the patronage over the conference “Europe-Africa. Millenium development goals”. Cenference and the workship for the youths took place on the 10th of December 2010 at 12.00 in the XXIII Secondary School. In the programme there were different lectures among the others lectures on the famine in Africa given by Mr John Abraham Godson. A few words were spoken by representative of Gallery CHI-WARA, Mr. Andrzej Zajac. The biggest applause got the vocal-dance show by african students who are living in Lodz.

Nigerian 50th independence anniversary.


On Saturday 01. October 2010 we celebrated, together with our Nigerian friends 50th anniversary of independence of their country. Celebration took place in the culture institution 'Lutnia' in Łanowa str., Lodz. During the evening Nigerins who live in Poland were talking about their experience concerned our country, presented nigerian music, told about Nigeria and showed traditional african dress. At the end of the evening they invited everybody for toast and nigerian food.

Participating in the conference „democracy in Africa” in Etnographic Museum in Lodz.

13 SEPTEMBER, 2010

Conference held on 13th of September at 1 p.m. in Etnographic Museum in Lodz. Famous sculptor Lazarus Takawira from Zimbabwe took part in this conference. Events connected with his visit in Poland are organised by Art Dimension ( art organisation) represented by Katarzyna Dudkiewiecz and Dariusz Skonieczko. Participants had the opportunity to see the pictures from Zimbabwe as well as admire some smaller sculpters of Lazarus, who was talking about his motivations and inspirations.

Meeting with sculptor Lazarus Takawira.

10th of SEPTEMBER, 2010

Today we were realny surprised- world famous sculptor from Zimbabwe visited our podest Galery. Trtist, who shows his works all around the world, was delighted with what he saw in our gallery and he offered his willingness to cooperation. We were also invited at the meeting with mr. Takawira to the Etnographical Museum in Lodz. In a nice atmosphere we were discussing about art, our inspirations and plans for the future. Our happiness were bigger when Takawira, at the end of our meeting, said that “now we are not his friends, but we are brothers”. It is a great honour for us.

Etnographical Museum in Berlin - african art.


New month started with busy days- we went to Germany to see the exhibition of african art in Etnigraphic Museum in Berlin. It was very good choice- we were filled with admiration for enormous exhibition areas, the way of presenting the objects and great number of works.

Among high black walls there were showcases with very well light in which one object was shown. It was really unforgettable experience for us to see so many masterpieces of african art which we have seen only in the Internet so far. We admired the details in the figures and started to appreciate the talent of african artists.

We saw also the exhibition of voodoo from Haiti..

After three hours of visiting we went out of the museum with plenty of inspirations and emotions.

However, our visit in Berlin dd not end . Next day we visited other exhibitions,not connected with Africa. We were in Pergamon Museum where we saw the reconstruction of Zeus Alter and many ancient objects. In the National Gallery we had the chance to admire paintings of great masters like Renoir, Degas, Menzel or Friedrich.

We hope this visit was the first of many, which we will have to different museums in european cities in search for the inspiration.

Temple in Siedliszcze.


And that is the temple which we mentioned before. It is situated in Siedliszcze (lubelskie voivodeship). It's charming, isn't it?

Picnic for African students.

29 JULY 2010

On Thursday 29 of July 2010 in our Galery we organised integration grill for African students who are living in our city. The weather, fortunately, was nice and after a few rainy day it was warm and sunny, so we could sit in the garden. People also were very nice and friendly. There were 11 African students, everyone in a great mood so we were joking, laughing and tasting delicious grilled meat and salads, prepared by the wife of the host.

We were discussing about Africa, African habits, as well as common projects in the future. Integration meeting coincided with the youngest member of our family- two-year-old Natalie. After Natalie had blown the candles everybody sang "Happy Birthday" to her. It was really exotic party.

International meeting of artists in Siedliszcze.

JULY 2010

A part of July passed by but we spent it very creatively. We spent almost two weeks in a small Village in Lubelskie voivodeship, where a group of artists was working and painting landscapes and atmosphere of this place. Artists were walking in the surrounding area, searching for the inspiration.

The meeting ended with the exhibition of the works and you could buy paintings or sculptures fro the artists.

During our staying in Siedliszcze the idea of creating of small temple crossed our mind. This idea was proposed by one of the dwellers of the village- Ireneusz Czmuda. He cleaned up the place, made fences and prepare the place for the figure.we, as West African Art Centre, made statue, which for a change, was not connected with Africa. It will be put into the tree after protection against the rain.

The meeting with Bogumiła Miodyńska-Kowalczyk.

6 JUNE 2010

the meeting with Bogumila Miodynska - Kowalczyk

Interwiew In the radio Zlote Przeboje In the programme of Bartosz Lichawski.

MAY 2010

interview in the radio Zlote Przeboje

Participation in debate "„Africa from polish point of view"”.

26 MAY 2010

Trip to Ghana.


In February 2010 we went to Ghana to see on our own eyes the culture and art of West Africa. We escaped from cold Polish winter and enjoyed the hot african sun.

For the whole month we were staying at our african friends in the capital of Ghana- Accra. We had the opportunity to take part in african weddings, christening, preparing local dishes, and accompany in everyday life. We visited Accra, Cape Coast, Kakum National Park, Kumasi, Tamale, Larabanga and Mole National Park. We often visited the biggest in Ghana ethnic market. We made friends with many artists working there and we were really impressed with the works, especially carvings. During one of the visit local people welcame us with some traditional music on drums.

We took plenty of pictures and made some documentary films.

Ghana fascinated us to such extend that we decided to come back there one day...

auntie Baby was always smiling Children were very interested in the colour of our skin. They were great photo models
auntie Baby was always smiling
Children were very interested in the colour of our skin. They were great photo models
dancing on the wedding lasted until twilight drining tea with milk was really enjoyable
dancing on the wedding lasted until twilight
drining tea with milk was really enjoyable
it was the matter of good manners to make such design on your head the families of our friends welcame us with much hospitality
it was the matter of good manners to make such design on your head
the families of our friends welcame us with much hospitality
we owe avoidance of many prosaic problem to rasta Yakubu women, interested in my white skin, eagerly pose to pictures
we owe avoidance of many prosaic problem to rasta Yakubu
women, interested in my white skin, eagerly pose to pictures
During our staying in Ghana the championship of African Nation took place. Ghana got the second place. Moda wanted to follow me to Poland
During our staying in Ghana the championship of African Nation took place. Ghana got the second place.
Moda wanted to follow me to Poland
sightseeing of XIII-century mosque must end up with picture we visited the fishermen village with our friends
sightseeing of XIII-century mosque must end up with picture
we visited the fishermen village with our friends

The opening of the New place of African Institute.

3 OCTOBER 2009

We refer you to the website of African Institute www.ia.org.pl

the opening of the new place of African Institute

The exhibition "“Lost Paradise" of Andrzej Zaj±c


We refer you to the website of art critic who wrote about the exhibition on his blog: www.jureckifoto.blogspot.com

glace on our exibition cap of Dogon wizard helped to break the nervousness
glace on our exibition
cap of Dogon wizard helped to break the nervousness
african dishes were in demand City Bum Bum introduced everybody into african world
african dishes were in demand
City Bum Bum introduced everybody into african world
lost paradise - paintings of Piotr Tymochowicz
lost paradise - paintings of Piotr Tymochowicz
african dances were impressive
african dances were impressive
lost paradise I lost paradise II
lost paradise I
lost paradise II
madonna shephard (african joke)
shephard (african joke)
the birth of Venus
the birth of Venus

International Day of Indigenous People

10 AUGUST 2009

We refer you to the website of African Institute www.ia.org.pl

1 2

The meeting of members of African Institute In Chi-wara Galery.

JULY 2009

July 2009

The meeting with African students from Ghana and Nigeria.

MAY 2009

The meeting with African students

The meeting of the volunteers of African Institute in Chi-wara Gallery

MAY 2009

May 2009

The opening of Chi-wara Galery


The first event in our gallery was its opening. It started with a little delay but everything went well. After a short speech made by the owners of the gallery, the musician band, City Bum Bum played the concert. They presented a few west african rythmes on djembe and dundun and showed traditional dancing, giving a great supply of positive energy to our gallery and everybody gathered. During the concert we collected the money for Fissadou village in Guinea, where boys from City Bum Bum spent last winter. Guests seemed to be very generous and supported the action.

After the concert guests had the opportunity to try traditional african dishes like african banana bread, meat balls, or banana and nut salad. There was also some wine and fruit vodka.

As the owners of Chi-wara Gallery we would like to thank everybody for coming at the ceremony. Your presence was very important for us and we hope you will look back well on this event which was the realization of dreams for us.

The opening of Chi-wara Galery 1 The opening of Chi-wara Galery 2
The opening of Chi-wara Galery 3 The opening of Chi-wara Galery 4
The opening of Chi-wara Galery 5 The opening of Chi-wara Galery 6
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