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Welcome to family gallery, which was inspirated by the art and cuture of the Black Land.

First contact with the african art was at the early 80's. During two-year contract in Libya one of the gallery's owner had been fascinated by the tribal carving for the first time. Simplicity of the workmanship and explicitness of the message has charmed him. Primitive world of fetishes and symbolic figurines attracted him for its secretiveness. In this way a great adventure with curving and a passion, which still continues, has started. The effects of this passion are not only sigle figuretes but also carved chess and carved furniture with african motives made of exotic wood.

O nas

Apart from decorative and functional things of wood, you will find also paintings, graphics or embroideries inspirated by african art, but not only... In the other part of our gallery there are exhibits which are not connected with Black Land. After our visit in Ghana, in Februraru 2010, Africa fascinates us to such extend that we decide to spread our activity and star to prapagate the culture of West Africa among local people.

In our comapany we organise art classes which have to aquiant children with african art. During the classes children get to know the techniques of clay modelling, carving and painting. Additionally, during the classes we teach elementary English. We also contact with the travellers who share the experience from their trips.

One of our aim is to promote the tolerance for different colour of the skin.

We invite to Chi- wara Gallery. You will spend your time here in a nice atmosphere by tea, coffee, or a glass of our fruit liqueur. If you decide to buy one of our exhibit, it will surely make your interior extraordinary and unique and add the delicate shade of exoticness

A few times a year we organise exibitions. We will eagerly forge cooperation with the artist who would like to present their works in Gallery. We wait for the works in unlimited techniques and pattern. It only has to be linked with Africa, its people, nature, culture. We welcome also unprofessional artists.

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